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The sky-rocketing popularity of the “liquid gold” comes with an exponentially rising cost of operation, thus sales. For that reason, many small businesses have not been able to compete in the argan oil market; that is where Karaaw comes into place. We have one and only one mission, beautifying black women all over the world. For that purpose, 100 % pure argan oil products imported from Morocco are provided at very affordable prices. Our products are tested in laboratories prior to their arrival in the U.S to insurance quality and effectiveness, and purity. We truly believe that a woman’s body is her temple, beautiful, delicate, sacred, and must be taken care of. Our products are:


  • Paraben Free- Colorant Free- Alcohol Free - Sulfate Free

  • Contains no animal ingredients

  • Not animal tested

  • South Western Moroccan Cooperatives Fairly Traded Argan Oil.

Argan oil is principally produced as edible, beauty grades, and cosmetic oil and it is obtained from roasted kernels. Karaaw exclusively uses the 100 % virgin beauty Argan oil, and the cosmetic Argan oil.  The virgin oil is pure, golden-colored, and has no taste; whereas the cosmetic oil is only used for the preparation of shampoos, and moisturizers. In Europe, the price of argan oil is approximately 100 Euros per liter and it is also a luxury food[1]. Consequently, illegal practices such as the dilution of the argan oil with cheaper oils have occurred. That is the main reason why Karaaw products are exclusively formulated, tested, and processed by certified laboratories located in Morocco.